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3 Ways To Remove Wrinkles From Clothes Without An Iron

Posted on July 17 2017

Raymond Truong

Let's be honest - most people hate ironing.

It's tedious, hard to get right, but so crucial in keeping your clothes crisp and neat. When you're in a hurry to get out of the house in the morning, the last thing you want to do is heat up the iron to straighten your shirt. However, you also shouldn't head to the office in wrinkled clothes. Today we're going to show you three quick and easy ways to get rid of wrinkles without an iron.

Note: These tips work well for light to moderate wrinkles. Depending on the fabric, if you have deep set-in wrinkles, firing up the iron might be unavoidable.

1. Use a water spray bottle

This is my favorite tip and I use it pretty much every day. Take an ordinary spray bottle (if you don't have one lying around, you can get one at Target in the travel section for a dollar) and fill it up with distilled water.

Simply hold the shirt up with one hand and spray the shirt thoroughly with the other. You want to spray enough water to cover the surface area of the shirt, but you don't want to soak it. Using too much water means you're going to have to wait longer for your shirt to dry.

After you've sprayed the shirt, lie it on a flat surface and use your hands to lightly smooth out the wrinkles. In a sweeping motion, work the shirt from the center out to the sides. When you're done, just hang the shirt to dry for a couple minutes. Once it's dry, you'll see that most of the wrinkles will be gone.

2. Dampen the shirt, then toss it in the dryer

Water acts to soften up the wrinkles. So same idea as the previous tip - you're going to first dampen the shirt with water. This can be achieved in a couple ways. Either you can use a water spray or you can use ice cubes (yes, ICE CUBES).

The ice cube method involves throwing a couple ice cubes from the freezer in with your shirt in the dryer. 2-3 cubes per shirt will do the trick. You need enough ice to convert to steam in the dryer, but not too much where you end up making the shirt too wet. The steam will loosen the wrinkles and the drying process will smooth it out.

Set your dryer on medium or high and run the cycle for about 10 minutes. When done, promptly remove the shirt and hang it up or wear it right away.

Do NOT use this tip for shirts that can't be tumble dried. Always follow the directions on the care label.

3. Take the shirt into the shower with you

If you like to shower in the morning, this tip will be perfect for you. All you have to do is hang the shirt while you take a hot shower. Hang the shirt on the shower rod but be sure to face the shower head away from the shirt to prevent it from getting wet. The trick is to place the shirt close enough to the heat source to utilize the steam, but far away enough where it won't get wet.

Make sure to close all the doors and windows so that all the steam stays in. The steam from the shower will release the wrinkles in about 10-15 minutes.

Extra Tip

If you clothes accidentally get too wet, using a good ol' hair dryer will finish up the job nicely.