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How To Prevent Yellow Armpit Stains On Shirts

Posted on August 09 2017

Raymond Truong

I have sweaty pits - which means I've always had to deal with having embarrassing armpit stains.

Armpits stains look nasty AF. Nothing will kill your confidence more than lifting your arm to reveal golden pits from the deepest depths of hell. I can't even tell you how many white tees I've had to throw away because of it. Few talk about it, but this is actually a very common problem and happens to even the most hygienic of people, so you (and I) are not alone.

What causes yellow pit stains?

While many think that pit stains form as a result of excessive sweating, it's not exactly the whole story. What actually causes the stains is the chemical reaction between the aluminum present in your antiperspirant and the salt from your sweat. Can you believe that? The very thing that was designed to help you sweat less is actually ruining your crisp white tees! So what do you do now? Do you toss the antiperspirant aside and let your armpits flood like the Mississippi river? I'm here to tell you no, no you don't. Being aware and proactive is all you need to keep the stains at bay.

How do you prevent pit stains?

There are plenty of articles on the web that talk about how to remove pit stains after the fact. I've tried some of those methods with varying degrees of success. For me, prevention is still the best and most effective solution.

Don't let white clothes sit in your laundry hamper

After you've sweat, all the moisture and bacteria from your sweat is absorbed into the fabric of your shirt. Letting it sit in your laundry hamper allows the bacteria, sweat and aluminum from the antiperspirant to fester and accelerate the yellowing process. Your best bet is to throw the shirt into the washer right away, giving the sweat/aluminum less time to set-in.

Let your pits dry after you apply antiperspirant

For those of you that have a habit of putting on a shirt right after you apply antiperspirant, try letting it dry for a couple minutes before putting on your shirt. This way, less antiperspirant makes its way onto your shirt.

Apply antiperspirant at night before you sleep

Applying antiperspirant before you sleep is a good way to avoid getting it on your shirt. This is probably a more effective way of application because you're giving the antiperspirant time to plug up your sweat ducts while you sleep. Antiperspirant will work for 24 hours even if you shower in the morning and wash off the residue. If you're concerned about odor throughout the day, you can easily apply regular deodorant without antiperspirant before you head out the door. This way you use antiperspirant at night to control the sweating, deodorant in the morning to control the odor.